Is Having Multiple Etsy Shops Costing You Sales?

Is Having Multiple Etsy Shops Costing You Sales?

by Kevin February 06, 2018
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Why Multiple Etsy Shops Might be Multiplying Your Problems

Opening a second Etsy shop is an intriguing idea, especially if you sell different kinds of handmade items. But is there a downside to having more than one Etsy shop?

The Etsy seller community appears divided over whether having multiple Etsy shops is beneficial or detrimental to sales. And both sides make convincing arguments.

Below I summarize the upsides and downsides of having a second Etsy shop.

In favor of multiple shops

1. If you sell products with different terms of use

For example, if you sell digital print products under a personal use only license, it may be confusing to customers if, in the same shop, you also sell graphic design resources that are free to use in commercial contexts.

Having a separate shop for personal use products and commercial use products helps both you and the customer avoid confusion.

2. If you plan to sell physical items and digital products
Selling both physical and digital products in a single shop may seem like a good idea, especially if the digital products align with or compliment the physical items.

But, some customers are not as perceptive as one would hope, and may fail to read the product description.

Keeping digital and physical products separate will help you avoid questions like “when was the item shipped” and “I haven’t received my item in the mail yet,” when you exclusively sell digital products.

3. Thematic Continuity
From a buyer’s perspective, if I am looking for a gold wedding band, I am not expecting to find vintage farm equipment in the same shop.

There is a certain comfort in buying from a seller that focuses on one art or even one category; the seller is seen as an expert in that one area.

Against multiple shops

1. It’s a Hassle
Running one Etsy shop takes organization, attention to detail, and patience; running two or more Etsy shops takes more of those qualities.

Consider your own personality and current time constraints before opening another Etsyshop.

If you are super organized and enjoy juggling multiple tasks then opening a second shop may actually be enjoyable for you.

But if one Etsy shop already feels overwhelming, adding another may be counterproductive to your business goals and motivation.

Administrative tasks like responding to convos, logging into each shop separately, optimizing SEO, maintaining an inventory system for each shop, and even filing taxes for each shop, may dampen the joy of being a handmade seller, which is, arguably, more important than thematic continuity.

2. Competition
Because every visitor to your Etsy shop is precious, you want to keep their attention for as long as possible.

Keeping all your handmade items in one shop may help with that because buyers who are sent to a second Etsy shop probably won’t be coming back to the first shop.

Another risk is that a buyer will never discover the link to you second shop and will, therefore, only be exposed to the items in your first Etsy shop.

Directing a buyer’s attention to one shop, where a buyer can find all the items you offer, may result in more sales than sending that buyer to a second shop.

Because consumers are accustomed to an “all-in-one” or “one stop shop” experience from sites like Amazon, having all your items in one shop is arguably a big advantage, but it will depend on the type of buyer that is arriving at your Etsy shop.


Both sellers who are for and sellers who are against having more than one Etsy shop make compelling points.


  • Having multiple Etsy shops is probably not worth your time unless you sell both physical and digital products.
  • Creating a second Etsy shop exclusively for digital products makes perfect sense, but if you only sell physical items, I would focus on having one shop with a unifying theme across all products.
  • How can a theme stretch across all your products? By developing a unique and consistent style in your photography, packaging, etc.
  • Creating consistency in how you display your products will not only strengthen your brand, but will help you streamline your product creation process.

Let me know in the comments below if opening a second shop has or has not worked for you.

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