DIY Product Photography

by Kevin February 27, 2018 Etsy, Marketing, Product Photography

Exceptional product photography matters a lot, but it’s often time consuming and costly. So, is there a quick and cheap

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Top 10 Etsy Sellers

What Top Etsy Sellers Are Doing Might Surprise You

by Kevin February 12, 2018 Business, Etsy

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person shopping online with their phone

Is Having Multiple Etsy Shops Costing You Sales?

by Kevin February 06, 2018 Business, Marketing

Why Multiple Etsy Shops Might be Multiplying Your Problems Opening a second Etsy shop is an intriguing idea, especially if

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ethics right and wrong

How to Start a Handmade Business with the Right Mindset

by Kevin February 02, 2018 Business, Entrepreneur, Ethics

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man frustrated blog post ideas

7 Blog Post Ideas for Artists and Indie Entrepreneurs

by Kevin February 02, 2018 Blogging, Business

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paying for goods online

8 Etsy Alternatives You Need to Consider

by Kevin January 25, 2018 Business, Marketing, Where to Sell

8 Alternatives to Etsy For the Handmade Entrepreneur If you sell handmade goods, art, or other creations, then you need

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